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QR Code style 0 QR Code style 1 QR Code style 2 QR Code style 3 QR Code style 4
Type of barcode (technical name is symbology)
Data already includes check character(s) / digit(s). Only check if you know your data includes a check digit / character.
Add check character(s) / digit(s) to barcode. For EAN-13 or UPC-A check this box. Enter 12 digits (11 digits for UPC-A enter)
NOTE: Code 128 is best for general numbers (most modern) and has safe invisible automatic mandatory check character.
NOTE: Retail barcodes are EAN-13, UPC-A, ISSN for newspapers, ISBN for books, ITF-14 for cases of multiple items. 
NOTE: Pallets usually UCC-128 / EAN-128 recognised by leading numbers in brackets e.g. (00) or (23) etc. See: Application Idenifier (AI) for big list and meaning.
NOTE: For UCC-128 / EAN-128 and SSCC-18 the start  FNC1 is automatic. Do not put brackets ( or ) in data. For additional FNC1 after variable field use % (e.g. 123%123).
NOTE: 2D symbologies (DataMatrix and QR Code) for special readers or phones with free software and  camera. Holds up to hundreds of characters. Damaged symbols can  read correctly.
Data (number or characters to put in barcode) 
Data (if barcode complicated / special characters / more than one field)
Control characters for Code 128, Code 93
Special ASCII characters 00-31 (Hex 00-1F) and DEL 127 (Hex 7F)
UCC-128 / EAN-128 Application Idenifier (AI) like SSCC-18 (00) for Serial Shipping Container Codes
This animation simply shows how an example QR Code symbol is constructed.
Circular finder pattern areas are placed in three corners.
Then a vertical and horizontal timer pattern.
Format and model information is added around the finder patterns.
Data codewords are then added.
Error correction codewords are added.
The last step applies one of several known masking patterns so that there are fewer large holes (areas with the same colour) - to make image processing during reading more reliable.



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